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Welcome to Awake America Alabama

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke (1723-1792)

Over the course of history, our Lord has ensured an influential presence of good and godly people within the government of mankind. In Biblical times, such people as: JosephKings David and SolomonQueen Estherthe Prophet DanielNehemiah, and the Apostle Paul; aided in the guidance of crucial governmental affairs. God and His people must never become divorced from the government of our land. Scripture clearly teaches the Lord’s authorship of human government (Romans 13:1-7). The Word of God also reveals our responsibility to intercede for government (I Timothy 2:1-2) and to engage within government; as these people mentioned afore testify to.

The heart and mission of Awake America Alabama is to fulfill this Scriptural mandate by providing the godly presence and influence of Independent Baptist pastors from across our state to the Legislators and staff of our State House. We simply desire to “pastor” the good and godly people within the State House by encouraging and praying with them on a consistent basis. Awake America Alabama also serves to inform our local churches of any legislature requiring our attention and response. This ministry provides a structured opportunity for the church to engage in government. In short, we desire to connect the Church House to the State House and the State House to the Church House.

Alabama has long enjoyed the blessings of conservatism and religious freedom. As a result, the gospel of Jesus Christ has been greatly propagated within and through our churches. Awake America Alabama serves to help promote and protect religious freedom; that our churches may continue unhindered in their mission to reach souls with the gospel. But such an undertaking requires good and godly men to rise up and fill a needed presence; within our churches and our legislature alike. I invite you to take a moment and navigate our website in order to become informed ofinvolved with, and engaged in this God and Country ministry to our Alabama State House.

In Christ,
Pastor Justin L. Teate
State Coordinator
Awake America Alabama

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